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These are our terms and conditions for purchases As you see, they are quite formal and in full accordance with the law.

If you have questions or need a clarification of anything that is stated here, then please send an E-mail to us at We will try to answer as well as we can in a language that is more understandable:)

Terms and conditions for purchases

Information given in the Web shop

We will at all times strive to have information at the Web shop about the products that is as correct as possible. We do however make reservations for writing/typographical errors that can occur, which may involve us not being able to deliver with respect to the information given at our Web shop.
We reserve the right to cancel your order or parts of it if the product is sold out. In situations where products are sold out, you will receive a message concerning this, possibly together with information concerning what we are able to offer instead. You yourself will be able to choose whether you want to accept our offer or cancel your order.

Product information and price

All prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK), The total cost for the purchase will appear before the order is finished, and will include all expenses connected with the purchase such as expenses for postage, shipping, etc.

Returns and cooling-off period

Cooling-off period

The Norwegian Act relating to a right to a cooling-off period for certain consumer purchases applies to all purchases made at the Web shop of A Knit Story. The cooling-off period is 14 days (cf.  Norwegian Cooling-off Period Act, section 20). During this period you can at no obligation send back the goods you have received, even if the goods have been used. It is a precondition that the goods can be delivered back in to same condition that they were in upon purchase, and that the knitting package has not been started.

The right to a cooling-off period only applies to consumer purchases. The right to a cooling-off period thus cannot be used by companies or others whose purchases are part of a business enterprise (cf. Norwegian Cooling-off Period Act, section 5, point a). The costs of the return will be borne by the consumer (cf. Norwegian Cooling-off Period Act, section 24, first subsection). In event if a return, the money will be refunded within 14 days after receipt of the return. The costs of a return will vary depending upon precisely which product you wish to return.


We hope of course that you will be pleased with what you order from us, but if you choose to invoke the cooling-off right or are not satisfied then you can choose to cancel the purchase and send the goods back. You will then have the entire amount refunded. Return shipping must be covered by the customer. Fill in the return form that is enclosed with the delivery, and include this with the goods you wish to return. Once we have received the goods and approved the return, you will then receive your money back. Repayment normally occurs within 10 working days.
Send returns to:

Kirkeveien 183
4817 His

Delivery and shipping

All orders are sent with PostNord. In some instances the package will be sent via Posten. If you are a dealer, your orders will be sent via Bring commercial packages.


We operate with two different fixed prices for shipping in our Web shop. The shipping price is NOK 45.00 for smaller goods and NOK 89.00 for normal orders. If you purchase goods totalling more than NOK  1,000, then there is no shipping charge. Your shipping cost will be stated before you are charged for the amount.

Terms and conditions for deliveries

Normal delivery times will be between 2 and 5 working days, depending upon where you live. We make reservations for a longer delivery time during periods when A Knit Story or PostNord/Posten has significant traffic.

Posten sends out two reminders if you forget to fetch a package you ordered. If you still have not picked up the package within the specified date, it will be sent back to us.
For packages that are not picked up and not paid for, you will be charged a fee of NOK 200.00. This is to cover the expenses we have incurred in connection with the package that was not picked up. Packages that are not picked up are not normally encompassed by the cooling-off period right.

Personal data protection and security

Personal information

When you makes purchases at our Web shop, you will be disclosing personal information such as your name, address, mailing address and phone number. This is information we must have to be able to complete the order in an appropriate manner, and for us to be able to deliver the order to you.

We will process your personal information in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act  (PDA), and the information will never be made accessible to other enterprises or be connected to other external registries. You always have the right to receive the information we have saved about you, and you also have the right to have it deleted.

Contact us at if you would like us to delete the information about you.

Payment and card information

We collect payment for the goods from that point in tine at which they are sent from us to the customer.
When you make purchases at the Web shop of A Knit Story, you choose whether the payment will be processed by Klarna, PayPal or Stripe.

Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout makes it simple, flexible and secure for you to make purchases on the Web. You identify yourself in a simple manner by answering a couple of questions, and you can choose in a simple manner the specific payment method that suits you best. First, you confirm your purchase, then you choose how you will pay for it.

Personal data protection and identification

To be able to securely identify yourself and to prevent unauthorised use or abuse, and to fulfil the requirements with respect to good credit information, Klarna must verify your identity. Klarna also fetches information on your personal identification number, name, address, choice of credit agreements and credit information.

Klarna and out working partners will process your personal information in order to be able to offer you a more simple payment service via Klarna Checkout and to simplify the payment process the next time you use Klarna’s services. Klarna uses personal information for the purpose of ensuring your identity, administrating customer relationships, preventing abuse or misuse of payment services, performing customer analyses, credit assessments, risk analyses, risk management, business development, commercial and marketing purposes for its own benefit and for our specially selected partners, and to comply with applicable regulatory requirements in general.

Read more about Klarna’s terms and conditions.


At the A Knit Story Web shop you can use Stripe as a payment solution. Stripe is an electronic payment solution for Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard. Stripe is used by millions of customers around the world, and meets stricter security requirements. You can be sure that your payment and your information will be processed in a secure manner, with respect to the card company’s rules.

Read more about Stripe.


At the A Knit Story Web shop you can also use PayPal as a payment solution. PayPal is a global payment solution for secure and fast payments on the Internet. You can be sure that your information will be handled in a secure manner, with respect to the supplier’s rules.

Read more about PayPal’s terms and conditions.


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